Feminist Futures!


Last night the event Feminist Futures took place. The venue was fully packed which made it quite impossible for the people in the back to read the translations projected on the screens. And so we decided to publish the texts online.

About the program:

Feminism is everywhere, from Twitter to literature. Luckily, the contemporary emancipation movement does not have to start from scratch. Three prominent feminist authors, Anja Meulenbelt, Astrid H. Roemer and Oksana Zabuzhko, whose books each helped turn the tides, stand shoulder to shoulder with a new generation of feminist talent, represented by Victoria Amelina and Mia You. 

Anja Meulenbelt

Astrid H Roemer

Oksana Zabuzhko

Victoria Amelina’s text was published earlier (in Dutch) on Vileine. Mia You’s performance was in English.


The program


Click on the photo and take a look at the complete programme of Read My World 2016!

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Re:Creating Europe – Writing for Change – Preview #2 Read My World


Practically nowhere in the world can one find literature as important and influential as in today’s Eastern Europe. The region’s writers have been at the forefront of change for centuries, and they are all the more so today, what with the war in Ukraine and Poland’s turn to the right. But what is the power and potential of literature in these two countries while undergoing major political change?

Read my world selected two decisive and bold voices from the literary worlds of Ukraine and Poland, Iryna Vikyrchak Grzegorz Jankowicz, to step into the role of curators. Journalist Laura Starink will discuss with them the role of the writer. How does a young generation of writers react to a rapidly changing political landscape?

This programme will be in English.

The Read my world festival will take place on 6 – 8 of October, 2016, in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. It is dedicated to introduce the writers and literature of Poland and Ukraine.


On 1, 2, and 3 June 2016, artists and thinkers from all over Europe will come together in Amsterdam for ‘Re:Creating Europe’, the first Forum on European Culture. What are the cultural values that unite us? How can art and culture offer creative solutions for problems that seem to be splitting us apart? And how can European artists shape the future of Europe? With Rem Koolhaas, Chantal Mouffe, Benjamin Barber, Arnon Grunberg and many others.

Re:Creating Europe is an initiative of DutchCulture centre for international cooperation and De Balie.

RMW 2016: Ukraine and Poland



Ukraine and Poland. Two countries in the spotlights right now, and there is surely more news to come. Ukraine is at war. Poland has swerved to the right. Writers have been of high importance in Ukraine and Poland for centuries and they still are. Literature might be more important in these countries than anywhere else in the world. More influential, both in parliament and at the kitchen table.

How does a young generation of authors from Ukraine and Poland deal with the political situation in their region?

The Read My World festival will take place in Amsterdam’s Tolhuistuin on October 6th-8th, featuring writers from Ukraine, Poland and the Netherlands.