Omar Musa slayed performance at sold out Bijlmer Parktheater


Yesterday, Omar Musa absolutely slayed at a sold out Bijlmer Boekt. Sanne Landvreugd and Pablo Nahar joined in. Many thanks to Kees van KootenSahand Sahebdivani, Ellen Ombre and The Venopian Solitude for their amazing performances too! More Omar and The Venopian? See you tonight at Read My World

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Seno Gumira Ajidarma in magazine Carver


Come on, Fernando, tell me,’ the doctor said as he viewed the X-ray results, ‘how did these rosary beads end up in your stomach for twenty months?’

The man called Fernando just bowed his head in silence. His large nose flared and his big eyes glanced left and right. His dark-skinned hands ran nervously through his curly hair.

‘Tell me the truth, Fernando. I’m your doctor. How can I possibly cure you if you won’t be honest with me about the origin of your illness? Tell me about it, Fernando, tell me how these rosary beads managed to get into your stomach.’

Fernando still hung his head. His mouth trembled. All the images of the experiences he went through twenty months previously flashed vividly in his mind but his tongue was still. His hands trembled as he tried to control his emotions, his chest pounded, poisoned by anger, but great fear made him bow his head. He closed his eyes and saw only darkness. He felt angry with himself that fear could torture him that way.


The first Read My World-programme: Bijlmer Boekt!


Bijlmer Boekt! goes off the beaten track: authors recite to music, comedians step out of their comfort zone, new talent is given a stage amidst established artists, and a Bijlmer Booked! story will be written especially for the evening. Bijlmer Boekt! is an evening programme in Amsterdam-Zuidoost filled with literature, music and celebration.



First Dutch artists announced!


With now less than two months to go before #RMW15, the line-up has started to take some serious shape. Artists and authors that are all boundary breaking in the Dutch cultural world. The first Dutch names are ready to be announced! Are you too?