Chris Keulemans

Chris Keulemans (Tunis, 1960), was till September 2014 artistic director of the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. He grew up in Baghdad, Iraq. In 1984 he founded the literary bookshop Perdu in Amsterdam. During the nineties he worked at De Balie, Centre for culture and politics in Amsterdam, first as a curator, later as director.

He has published books, fiction and nonfiction, and has published numerous articles on art, social movements, migration, music, cinema and war for national newspapers. Recently he wrote essays for publications by Jonas Staal, Lidwien van de Ven, Anna Tilroe, Gert Urhahn, Fiona Tan and the exhibition The Unwanted Land (2009). He traveled extensively to study art after a crisis in cities such as Beirut, Jakarta, Algiers, Prishtina, Sarajevo, Tirana, New York, New Orleans and Ramallah, where he visited many talented artists.

Chris Keulemans was one of the founders of the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. For his work he received the honorary pin of the city council. The city of Amsterdam praised him for his work for the city of Amsterdam in recent years. For the next two years Keulemans will be appointed as the district-chroniquer of the Northern part of town.

Photo: Jitske Schols

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