Fedwa Misk

Fedwa Misk is a Moroccan journalist, feminist, and women’s rights activist.

She participated in the 2011 February 20 Movement and subsequently opened an online magazine with the aim of promoting discussion about women in Morocco. Misk’s publication Qandisha featured several high-profile stories and was targeted by hackers twice. She has been working as a writer for the Le Courrier de l’Atlas newspaper.

On 14 November 2011, Misk founded the Qandisha website, a French-language online collaborative magazine inspired by what she believed was a lack of media support for improvements to the rights of women following the Arab Spring. The magazine was named after the mythical Qandisa, a female Jinn famous for her powers of seduction. Qandisha covered topics of relevance to women such as their families and husbands, religion, secularism and the wearing of the veil. Misk’s aim was to demonstrate that women were interested in subjects broader than the fashion, beauty, and cooking items featured in other women’s publications.

She was the magazine’s moderator, coordinator and editor-in-chief of the publication which was issued daily. More than 80 people worked for the magazine in some form within its first year, including several dozen writers. By 2015 it had 100 female volunteers and 20 male. In a jocular fashion, any article written by a man is simply credited to “un homme” (a man). Misk wanted to spread the message of Qandisha to a wider audience by beginning radio broadcasts and opening a web-based radio station.

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