Do 13 apr

Read My World: Black American Literature

Is there such a thing as a transnational literary culture? If one case can stand the test, it is that of Black culture. This afternoon, we will discuss diasporic identities and talk about similarities and differences with experiences of in- and exclusion between Europe and the USA. With: Maurice Carlos Ruffin and Shantrelle P. Lewis.

This year’s edition of the Read My World festival, to take place in the fall of 2017, invites some of the most outspoken voices across the Atlantic. Read My World and the University of Amsterdam – The Confluences Research group (ARTES) with the support of OSL (Onderzoeksschool Literatuurwetenschap)  – organize a meet & greet at SPUI25 with Shantrelle P. Lewis and Maurice Carlos Ruffin, the two curators of this year’s edition of the Read My World Festival, devoted to Black American Literature.


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