Maurice C. Ruffin

New Orleans based writer Maurice C. Ruffin won two national story prizes, earning him prestige and acclaim. Ruffin’s story “The Ones Who Don’t Say They Love You” was selected by novelist Rachel Kushner for the 2014 Iowa Review Award. At the same time, Ruffin’s story “The Anchor Song” won the 2014 So To Speak contest, selected by Charles Blackstone, who’s a novelist and the managing editor of Bookslut. Ruffin’s work has appeared previously in Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas, the Apalachee Review, Regarding Arts & Letters, Ellipsis, South Carolina Review, and other places. He is a graduate of the University of New Orleans MFA program and an attorney.

Maurice Carlos Ruffin Author Photo

Foto by Vaughn D. Taylor




Read My World: Black American Literature

Do 13 apr - 17:00
Is there such a thing as a transnational literary culture? If one case can stand the test, it is that of Black culture. This afternoon, we will discuss diasporic identities and talk about similarities and differences with experiences of in- and exclusion between Europe and the USA. With: Maurice Carlos Ruffin and Shantrelle P. Lewis. […]

Preview op Read My World Black USA

Wo 12 apr - 20:00
Voor de nieuwe festivaleditie hebben we twee curatoren bereid gevonden om onze ogen en oren te zijn in een Amerika op drift: Maurice C. Ruffin uit New Orleans en Shantrelle P. Lewis uit New Orleans en New York City. Beide curatoren hebben dezelfde opdracht gekregen: in heel Amerika zoeken naar geschikte kandidaten voor de longlist. […]