Rachel Rumai Diaz

Writer, poet and performer Rachel Rumai Diaz is a native foreigner who calls many countries her home. She paints images with words and events, and uses the world as her canvas.

She is fluent in English, Spanish, Dutch and Spanglish and intertwines these languages to create poetry that triggers imagination, emotions and understanding.

Rachel is passionate about equality and sharing untold stories of the people around her, all voices have a right to be heard. As a storyteller her goal is to build a bridge between Art and Activism to create Artivism that touches on subjects like Feminism, Post-Colonialism, Identity and Diversity.

Rachel is co-founder of the upcoming art community ‘De Vrouwenkamer’, which focuses on giving female creatives a platform to express and share their art, and invites artists and the public for open discussions about subjects like sexism, inequality and feminism.

Rachel is also co-founder of ‘La Raza’, a collective founded by latinx female creatives in The Netherlands that attends to unite the Latinx community and create a platform for creatives to meet and represent the culture through art and activism.