Read My World Productions

Throughout the year we work on productions that require a different approach to our regular festival programme. Read My World Productions stands for theatre and music showcases of literature, experimentation, unlocking previously untranslated work and devising challenging writing assignments. These could be a theatre play, a mini-documentary, a letter exchange, a podcast series, a publication – whichever medium will better suit the story we want to tell.

  • With Love – Ten letters of comfort. From the world, to you. 

    The virus changed everything and this crisis hits everyone. But not in the same way. For some people the hit may still be coming, others are just recovering. From a small disruption to a radical difference.

    Ten writers from around the world write letters of comfort in these times of crisis. They reflect on a post pandemic age, search for beauty and solidarity and find intimacy in distance. Together they show the wide-ranging worldwide impact of this crisis.


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