HüzünProject: Inez Piso & Nihat Karataşlı

13 Oct 2018
5 PM

The HüzünProject is a collaboration between Nihat Karataşlı and Inez Piso. They take Hüzün, a Turkish word for an emotion known for its untranslatability, as the starting point for this project supported by Koc University and Mondriaan Fund. Instead of assuming what a dictionary states, their project questions the limits of language, translation and understanding in an ongoing expedition trying to find the meaning of a single word.

Taking Turkish literature as its starting point, they create an archive that aims to collect video interviews from translators, authors, linguists, psychologists among many other individuals that reflect upon Hüzün. These interviews form the base for an Artificial Intelligence machine that tries to learn the meaning of this ungraspable word. This expedition aims to exceed the limits of the humane and asks if a machine can share the same emotions with humans.

You are invited to think with them about the meaning of hüzün as an emotion with plural meanings, not a singular one, that goes beyond language, beyond that what a five letter word could ever cover.

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