Many Motherhoods

11 Oct 2019
20:00 uur

Motherhood creates different layers within relationships: to children, grandchildren, but also partners, fellow parents, friends, lovers… How does the status of motherhood – no matter how we define it – impact on our relationships, on society, on politics…

With Many Motherhoods we ask Fedwa Misk, Abdellah Taïa, Karima Ahdad and Quinsy Gario, writers and artists who live and have lived in Morocco, the Netherlands, Curaçao, France… to tell us what motherhood is to them: through the books they read, their lives, their emotions, their writing, their art and work.

In a conversation moderated by journalist and academic Warda El Kaddouri, they discuss how do they relate to motherhood and who, in their life, represents motherhood? It can be one as it can be many. Our guests will all bring their own perspectives, from their chosen and imposed identities, and open up the possibilities that not one but many motherhoods are possible.

Language: English / French / Dutch
Translation: Oumayma

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