Let’s Get Loud!

Route G
17:00 uur

Don’t you sometimes want to go out in the street and just scream your lungs out? Did it happen during the so-called lockdown? Do you have that feeling you need to get even louder about injustices occurring in your city, your country, the world we all live in and are supposed to share? So much is happening across a wide variety of cultural and political contexts. The many inequalities and racism built into our institutions and lives in a systemic way has been brought to light more than ever during the pandemic. We have started to get louder and louder about the issues we all care about.

In this interactive session, we invite our festival visitors to listen to Rokhaya Diallo’s take on the need to be “loud”. Following an inspirational talk (in the format of a masterclass), the audience will be invited to “be loud” and in this way, be part of this performative way of sharing our emotions (whether it is anger, sadness, hope, dedication…) collectively.

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